Whales' Empire

by Whales' Empire

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Whales' Empire - Whales' Empire [EP]


released April 1, 2013

Whales' Empire
Mass Prom



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Track Name: Summer Rain
How would you feel, if you slowly see that
all the walls you have made up are crumbling?
impotence pervades you decisions as poison flows in veins
knowing that you’re paralyzed leave yourself void.

anxiety cage me, I can’t breathe
how am I supposed to live?

So get lost with me in this place, that has no time nor space.
between cuddles and nips, embraced
safe by rain and wind.

Safe by all the worries you hide behind your lungs

Don’t be scared of me, this is not our fate.
this world could live if you allow your heart to beat.

behind the love that I see there’s scare to be alone
I’m here now to reassure you that tomorrow I’ll be here too.
I’m going to stop trying to perceive why this is happening
and being to overcome it (x2)
Track Name: Autumn
Stay away, I can't see what's the fucking matter
praying for your mistakes won't give ya anything better
my mind is frozen, my eyes are cracking
understanding that this world is growing old

dead leaves, bent trees, decaying is around me: bridges are turning back to grit
everyone thinks it will be saved, but the final aim is the hell they waived

I'm still searching for the heat to fight the cold
we are the dempness, it's our fall

A crowd of cowards is here with no behaviour
i spread my eyes and I've seen they are all traitors
Underneath the sky I lie, the curse you chose is your own life.

I'm still searching for the heat to fight the cold
we are the dempness, it's our fall
but don't fear the light everything will be alright

Dead leaves, bent trees, decaying is around me: bridges are turning back to grit
everyone thinks it will be saved, but the final aim is the hell they waived
Track Name: Letters To Vultures
I think it’s hard to hear, but I don’t need you anymore
if friends used to watch your back then what are you made for?

I would have never realized that vultures are over me
but you gave me the proof that makes me to believe

no one will shield you, you’ll fall upon your knees
with friends like you, who needs enemies?

If you think you’re wrong, then you’re right: you won’t turn back in time
move out of the edge, beneath your lies.

You knew the line but, you passed it anyway
try to sleep now with that blame.
I’ll be so blind no more,I’ll so bound no more
I can’t remember the man you were before

I can’t keep up these walls they’re made of fog
the bond that held us is a skimpy node
I don’t want to tell you how to live your life
but if is this the one you chose, then forget mine. (x2)
Troubles you pull out are more than adventures we could have lived again
Track Name: When Dreaming Means Drowning
Where are you, where is your light?
where am I? surrounded by frights
Once again you fell asleep, but you know it is just a dream
so wake up just set your sense, or live forever in a lie

How can you tell me what I have to do?
this life is mine and mine are the rules
this is a chance to prove what you’re made of,
live forever or die as a hero.

You know the way to get out of here, just close your eyes and let all disappear.
This all is just a trick of your brain, your words are useless, lost in banes.

You tried to flee, but the road wasn’t clear
you started to shout, but no one couldn’t hear
all your pain, all your sufferings, you felt betrayed, lost by your wraith .

Sorrow goes deeply inside of you.
you can’t realize what you’re going through.

we’re falling through the cracks (x2)

but the worst is being ashamed of ourselves ‘cause remorses plague us
and walls of certains that we slowly build are crumbling ruinously
we can’t neither shelter ourselves in our dreams, even if they’re close to be real
‘cause they’ve been turned into freaks.

I’m drowning in my dreams, but don’t misunderstand:
don’t waste time trying to rescue me, ‘cause I’ve already accepted it.
Track Name: Clouds' Empire
We’ve lost our shore!

Every street you walked, every force you faced
nothing seems to change, I can’t breathe your rage
we have lost our time.
there’s no home for us, we will faint
whales from another world, keep believing this isn’t your show
misconceptions they’ve fought before
“we’ll be back’’ – “ we’ll be back” they swore

If only I had known you would have taken so much,
I wouldn’t have given you nothing
I know that I’ll leave you in tears, but don’t follow me,my dear.

Bruises on my skin,
I’m not on his head, I’ve grabbed his fin
don’t know where we are gonna go,
but every place is better than the one before.

The world I’ve grown to know is changing more than I thought
misconceptions they’ve fought before
“we’ll be back” – “we’ll be back” they swore

Remember the time you said
‘’take my heart, for me it’s useless’’
I’ll take it, bring it to nowhere,
we will build our empire.